The Inn Pondiville Conference Room deserves its own mention! Very much a part of the Forest Retreat and indeed integral in some ways to the concept of a retreat, this Room is conducive to the coming together of people in a truly purposeful way. It has the inspiration of an agenda not to disclude; an aspiration for collective interaction and individual expression

While constructing this space, we turned to our experiences and reflections of conference rooms we had encountered and consciously captured the ambience of the good ones, through natural light, cool floors, soothing decors, comfortable chairs and cosy spaces to break-out into smaller groups.

The Conference Room is on the first floor to give you the height for the treetops. The eastern wall is almost all glass with roll-up curtains made of organic silk-cotton should you need darkness for your presentation or film. We have the infrastructure for projection along with a superior sound system to make the visual experience equally complete in audio.

Refreshments are served in a verandah that overlooks a patch of forest. A step-down balcony is often used as a break-away zone and also frequented by smokers.

While Inn Pondiville is a place where you leave it all behind, its conference room hopes you can take back new beginnings!